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Need some Percy Jackson gossip? Then a Percy Jackson podcast is just what you need!

Don't know what a podcast is? Well, a podcast is a program on the internet that is normally split up into episodes which are released periodically. The most common form podcasts take are as audio files, but there are some video podcasts out there, too. There are many different kinds of podcast programs that cover a wide range of subjects, such as news, travel, politics, literature, television, and movies. Podcast episodes get uploaded to the internet by the publisher or broadcaster, and the listener (that's you!) subscribes to the podcast using a program or application which downloads new episodes when they become available (or downloads episodes that have already been published if the podcast has been running for a while).



Current Shows

Demigods LIVE! is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians podcast hosted by PercyQuest, which used to be called The PercyQuest Show (see entry under Old Shows).

From the website: "In December of 2009, hosts Tyler and Christopher started the PercyQuest podcast under the name “Demigods LIVE!”. Unfortunately Chris had to go on hiatus, but Kelsey stepped in to fill all the co-hostly duties Tyler needed. In summer of 2010 Tyler and Kelsey both put out a call for dedicated listeners to send in auditions, with a chance of becoming a co-host on the show. April, Meagan, Elena, Sarah, Hurley, and Alex were all added to the bunch, and had quite a few fun and joyful episodes. Unfortunately, due to busy schedules, both Tyler and Kelsey had to step down as hosts. Now Elena, April, Meagan, Hurley, Alex, and Sarah strive to make Demigods LIVE the most high-quality PJO podcast on the web!"

You can listen to Demigods LIVE! here on its official site!

And you can like them on Facebook, here!



Discontinued Shows

IrisCast was a podcast focusing on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It covered every aspect of the series: from the latest news to the Lightning Thief movie; from chapter discussions to the world of fandom; from comments and e-mails to the latest fan theories.

The idea for this podcast was thought up by Dan and Nathan independently of one another. Dan e-mailed Christine and suggested that Seaweed Brains and Blue Trident team up to produce the podcast, then it was decided to ask Nathan if he wanted to collaborate on the podcast, too. We began talking over Skype, and on the 18th July the first ever episode was recorded and it was made available online to the public only a day later.

Unfortunately it only lasted for two episodes. Even though a third episode was recorded, it was never publicly released. The show "died" because Nathan had to focus more on his academic studies and both he and Dan had merged their respective websites with fellow Percy Jackson and the Olympians fansite, PercyQuest. However the first two episodes plus an unreleased test 'episode' still exist and they're available here for download.


Recorded Published
 03: The All-American Podcast 19/9/08 n/a
 02: The Unnecessary Sequel 2nd attempt: 6/8/08
1st attempt: 4/8/08
 01: Pilot 18/7/08 19/7/08
 00: Test - n/a

In case you're wondering, the theme music used at the beginning of each episode and in the test is "Requiem for a Dream (Remix)" by Clint Mansell, which can be found on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack.


The PercyQuest Show (Rebranded as Demigods LIVE!) was PercyQuest's podcast and served as a countdown to the release of the final book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Last Olympian. The first episode came out on 13th October 2008 and hosts Deasy and Dan analysed book chapters leading up to the release of the final book. Unfortunately only 6 episodes were released as both hosts were unable to continue recording due to busy schedules.



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