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Here are Blue Trident's most frequently asked questions (sometimes abbreviated to FAQ), with answers by Christine the Webmistress. If you have a PJO-related question for Christine that isn't covered here, send her an e-mail!


Can you give me Rick Riordan's e-mail address?

The simple answer is no. Rick is extremely busy with his writing, book tours, interviews, and other cool (and not-so-cool) stuff authors get to do. If he tried to answer every single e-mail he got, he would never get any writing done! Besides, he would get mad at me for giving out when he's told me not to.


Can I affiliate with your site?

Chances are I won't turn you down, so take a look at the affiliates page for some more info, then get in touch! And in case you're wondering, I have no qualms about affiliating with non-Percy Jackson websites.


Can I be on your staff team?

Thanks for asking, but Blue Trident has enough staff members at the moment. If I feel the need for more staff members, I will post an advertisement on the newsfeed.


Why haven't you put my website's link up yet?

First of all, I apologise. Real life has a bad habit of getting in the way. Just send me a polite e-mail telling me to get off my backside reminding me and I'll put your link up as soon as I can.


Why haven't you updated for a while?

Well, either real life is draining the life force from me, or I'm not in my PJO mood. I tend to be go through phases where I'm either really enthusiastic about PJO or apathetic about it. If I'm posting and updating a lot, it means I'm in my enthusiastic phase. If updates are limited to really important things like release dates, I'm in the opposite phase. Put simply, some days I really don't feel like doing anything with the site, but other days I do. In the end it's my website and I get do what I like with it (I am the one paying for the hosting and stuff!).


There's been a lot of news, why haven't you reported it?

What might be news to you may not be considered news by somebody else. Also you have to remember that I live in the UK so there's the whole time difference thing. Besides, I tend not to do much searching for news anymore because I simply don't have the time. But if you've found something that might be interesting to the PJO community at large, send me an e-mail and I'll most likely write a newspost about it (giving you full credit, of course).


Can I be in the next Percy Jackson movie?

I don't have any control whatsoever over the movies as I am a simple lowly fan. Your best bet is to surf the internet to see if you can find out if (if any) auditions are taking place somewhere near you.


How did you create your website?

With lots of patience and a great many swear words. I'm only joking; I don't curse that much. Anyway, I use a program called Microsoft Office FrontPage which was included in some older versions of Microsoft's Office suite. The exact version I use came with an edition of Microsoft Office XP, so yeah, it's quite old. My website host is called Webs (formerly Freewebs) - I have a Starter package subscription with them and they provide me with my domain name and e-mail as well. If you want to start your own website I recommend you try Webs out; after all, that's how Blue Trident got started.


Why isn't there a fanfiction section on the website?

To be brutally honest, I don't care for fanfiction very much. I had a friend a few years ago who was more-or-less obsessed with it and it put me off it for good. I do tolerate it, though. There are boards on the Blue Trident forum dedicated to fan fiction (and fan art), so if you're really into it I suggest you go to the forum as I don't see myself making a fanfiction section on the website any time soon.



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