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Rick Riordan (pronounced rye-or-dan) is the author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and The Heroes of Olympus series. He lives in San Antonio, Texas in the United States of America with his wife and two sons, Haley and Patrick.

Mr. Riordan is an accomplished author, having written the Tres Navarre series of adult mystery novels; The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones and the rest of the series' main story arc; The Kane Chronicles based on ancient Egyptian mythology; the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series based on ancient Greek mythology; and The Heroes of Olympus, the sequel series following on from Percy Jackson which introduces Roman mythology.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians

We have Mr. Riordan's eldest son, Haley, to thank for Percy Jackson and the Olympians. While studying Greek mythology in second grade, Haley asked his dad to tell him some him some bedtime stories about the Greek gods and heroes. When there were no new myths to tell, Haley asked his dad to make up a new story using some of the ancient heroes and monsters. When the new story was finished Haley told his dad that he should write it down. Thus Percy Jackson and the Olympians was born!


The Heroes of Olympus

Rick Riordan's inspiration for The Heroes of Olympus series came from young readers who had been asking him whether he would include the gods from Roman mythology in the series. He started to think about how the Roman gods varied from the Greek gods and what it would be like if the Roman incarnations of the gods was still around and what would happen. This have him the idea for the new series.


Some facts about Rick Riordan

  • He was born on 5th June 1964, and he and shares his birthday with his wife;

  • He's been married for over twenty years, and his wedding anniversary is the same day as his birthday (so he has no excuse to forget it!);

  • He taught English and history for fifteen years at schools in California and Texas;

  • His first name is Richard (he was known as Ricky in elementary school);

  • His name in Japanese romanji (using letters from the Latin alphabet to write the Japanese language) can be read as Ritsuku Rioodan;

  • He gives really good hugs (from Christine's own personal experience).


Rick Riordan on the Web

Rick Riordan's Official Website

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Contacting Rick Riordan

If you would like to tell Rick Riordan how wonderful his books are, or maybe ask him a question, then you can contact him! Unfortunately he is no longer accepting e-mails because of his busy writing and touring schedule, but you can contact him by snail mail. Please bear in mind that he is very busy with writing and touring, but he will do his best to respond. Please read his FAQ before sending any mail!

Rick Riordan
c/o Hyperion Books for Children
114 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY

Please DO NOT ask Christine or any of the staff for Rick's e-mail address. Christine is not allowed to give it out to anyone under any circumstances. If she did she would be in serious trouble and Rick might not respond to you anyway because of his writing schedule. Thank you for understanding.



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